ZCP 7.2.6 final is now available

ZCP 7.2.6 final is now available

This release of 7.2.6 marks the probably last update to the Zarafa stack. For this version we backported some of the changes, that were previously applied to Kopano.

These changes include updates to the Debian Init scripts for the Zarafa Presence Daemon, and restore the functionality of the zarafa-mailbox-permission command.

For exact details on changes, please check the official changelog.

Updated Outlook client

This release also comes with an updated Outlook client. Apart from an update to the version number the client received minor tweaking to the install process of the compat package to allow installation in environments that don’t have cscript associated with vbs scripts.

Where can I download this new build?

The new packages are available via our portal, as usual. Please have in mind that, as communicated two years ago, the Zarafa downloads will only be available until the end of April.

As always we appreciate your feedback, please send us your thoughts via [email protected] or create a thread on our forum.

We want to thank everyone that has used our software over the last years and reported bugs and feature requests.

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Felix Bartels
Felix Bartels

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