ZCP 7.2.5 final now supports Kopano WebApp

ZCP 7.2.5 final now supports Kopano WebApp

This release of 7.2.5 has the primary focus on improving stability, security and better compatibility with certain e-mail objects. With the release of ZCP 7.2.5 we now officially support the use of ZCP with the latest Kopano WebApp and its plugins. Note that you need at least ZCP version 7.2.5 and WebApp version 3.2.0 for correct functionality. Please be aware that this is one of the last ZCP releases. Many organisations are already transitioning to Kopano, and existing Zarafa/ZCP customers have free access to supported Kopano software as part of their existing subscription.

Enhanced iCal handling & meeting request fixes

When an iCal object is preceded by other body text parts, the iCal description now overwrites all these bodies. Also, previously we picked the first STD/DST timezone definition that was found,

which could go wrong because time zone definitions can change over time. With certain formats of meeting requests, attachments were not stored when being accepted; this is now also solved.

Python-Zarafa, Backup and Search improvements

In the past, words such as “cheese_cake” were not split up both by index and search time, and therefore searching for example just “cake” returned no results. With ZCP 7.2.5 the underscore is used as a separator and therefore parts of words can also be found now.

Python-Zarafa has received many stability updates, resulting in an overall improvement (stability and functionality) for all python-zarafa based services such as Kopano Search or Kopano Backup.

SSL improvements

With ZCP 7.2.5 we’ve fixed some SSL related problems as well, by example we now also recognize subjectAltNames in used SSL certificates.

This release has received a vast (>50) amount of fixes, mainly focused on better memory management and enhancement of code segments (generally resulting in better performance and higher stability). For exact details on changes, please check the official changelog.

Where can I download this new build?

The new packages are available via our portal, as usual.

As always we appreciate your feedback, please send us your thoughts via [email protected] or create a thread on our forum.

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Felix Bartels
Felix Bartels

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