ZCP 7.2.4 RC2 is available to address more memleaks

ZCP 7.2.4 RC2 is available to address more memleaks

Last week, we pulled the ZCP 7.2.2 and ZCP 7.2.3 releases because they contained memory leaks, which could lead to instability issues.

Our tests and positive feedback from several partners confirm that the memleaks have been addressed and the systems are running stable again.

Besides these two memleaks being addressed, we have also made bug fixes related to Zarafa Search Plus.  The whole changelog is available here.

If you plan to upgrade your ZCP server, we strongly advise you to upgrade to this version, as Release Canididates are officially supported by us.

Where can I download this new build?

The new packages are available via our portal.

As always we appreciate your feedback, please send us your thoughts via [email protected] or create a thread on our forum.


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Suyi Guo
Suyi Guo

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