WebApp, plugins and PHP version support

WebApp, plugins and PHP version support

Zarafa WebApp has seen a lot of new feature introductions this year. Think of plugins like Web Meetings, a new and improved Zarafa Files, S/MIME and many more. WebApp itself also received some upgrades, mainly around UX. When designing and building new features we find there is an increased challenge in maintaining compatibility with the many different versions of platforms we want to support. When it comes to WebApp the biggest challenge lies with the different versions of PHP that OSes build.

Maintaining compatibility with older versions comes at a cost. Like in the Zarafa software, performance improvements, new features and bug fixes can be found in more recent versions. We would like to continue to improve our products and need these improvements in newer versions. This is why we have chosen to increase the required PHP in the coming releases of WebApp and its plugins.

How will this affect me?

WebApp 2.2, Zarafa Files 2.1 and Web Meetings 2.2 will have their minimum required PHP version set to PHP 5.4. We will continue to release (WebApp) packages for distributions that have (at least) this version of PHP in their base repositories.

If you are currently running the software on a distribution with an older version of PHP, there are a few ways you can continue to use new versions of these products. If you are unable, or do not want to upgrade your distribution to a newer version, we recommend to run WebApp on a separate system. Take a look at the manual or check out this blog post on the topic.

WebApp supported packages will continue to be available for distributions in the following table.

Distribution PHP version
RedHat Enterprise Linux 7, CentOS 7 5.4
Debian 7 5.4
Debian 8 5.6
Ubuntu 14.04 5.5
SLES 12 5.5

For more information on supported distributions and Zarafa components, take a look at the updated Support Lifecycle Document.

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Bob Huisman
Bob Huisman

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