Web Meetings 1.2 Final

Web Meetings 1.2 Final

The first stable release of Zarafa Web Meetings was published over eight months ago. Since then we have implemented new features in 1.1, including external invitations and the possibility to have web meetings outside of WebApp. Now we are ready to release the final version of Web Meetings 1.2.

Web Meetings 1.2 focuses on bugfixes and integration with the new design of WebApp 2.2. You can find the packages on the Zarafa Portal.

1.2: Bugfixes and compatibility with WebApp

In December we released the first version of Web Meetings 1.2. In this version we fixed a bug where users could not join or create web meetings if their username contained special characters. This meant they could not use the big features introduced in 1.1; external invitations and meetings in external windows.

The releases that followed in January and earlier this month focused on compatibility with the beta of WebApp 2.2., mainly fixing issues with authentication outside the WebApp.

Upcoming releases

Web Meetings 1.3 will be the next release. The first beta is scheduled to be released together with the WebApp 2.2 Beta 2 release. In this upcoming version of WebApp more changes to the authentication have been implemented. The 1.3 version of Web Meetings will adjust to these changes.

Meanwhile the development of Web Meetings 2.0 continues. In this version we will implement more control for the users by introducing a settings menu for sound behavior, break-out windows and external meetings.


Do you have a good idea to further improve Web Meetings? Maybe you find an annoying bug while using certain features? If so, please send us an email or post on our forums.


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Joost Hopmans
Joost Hopmans

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