The past and future in groupware

The past and future in groupware

With MS compatible software, Zarafa disrupted the groupware market and created the foundation of collaboration beyond email. For almost a decade Zarafa has offered an open source Exchange alternative. We’ve already serviced thousands of customers, who were interested to boost their productivity, save costs and differentiated with our compatibility with existing closed source clients.

To shift the focus beyond email, a new team, Kopano, with many ex-Zarafians, has ‘forked’ Zarafa. It takes everything that’s great about Zarafa, and adds even more cool stuff, like improved web meetings, and file sharing. Also, it’s 100% open source!

As outlined in previous blogs (here and here), the end of commercial distribution & updates of ZCP has come. Although most of our community members and ecosystem partners have already moved on to Kopano, a snapshot of the latest source code and the latest open source builds are still available here. Please be aware that these packages won’t be maintained in the future and don’t contain any closed source / commercial components of the old Zarafa editions.

All Zarafa customers with a valid subscription have access to email & collaboration software by Kopano; So is Kopano exactly the same as Zarafa? Not quite. Outlook support over MAPI is gone, and instead there is ActiveSync support for Outlook. WebApp has been redesigned (interface, security, performance and more) and DeskApp brings collaboration to your desktop. Web Meetings with HD audio and video quality , a new backup solution, and many more innovations are now available.

And perhaps most important: Kopano is a 100% open source  platform . As communication applications are so dominant in daily use for professionals, it is crucial to combine a ‘state of the art’ collaboration platform,  with the option to be in control of your data.  While Kopano includes important components of Zarafa’s backend, users have now the best ‘collaboration apps’ at their fingertips thanks to Kopano’s ecosystem and strong partnerships. They can instantly communicate with external relations in face to face meetings and by sharing files. Please stay tuned as there are many exciting announcement in the upcoming eight weeks.

– Zarafa Team

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