FAQ about Kopano

FAQ about Zarafa's renewed business model

At the beginning of April 2015, we have shared the renewed Zarafa business model. This FAQ will try to answer questions that you may have.

Please note: this FAQ is supposed to be a lively document which will be updated regularly, especially short after it has been distributed for the very first time.

What are team features in Zarafa Files?

Zarafa Files offers file access from WebApp and has been introduced by Zarafa in January 2015.

Two options of Zarafa Files are available. The basic version is suited for ‘personal use’ which is now available in WebApp 2.0. The other version is called "Zarafa Files for teams". This plug-in is only supported for customers who purchase the app separately or for customers that buy a Pro or Enterprise edition of Zarafa Kopano.

Zarafa Files Personal: offers file access in a single account without advanced sharing capabilities. New storage backends will be available for personal use, but limited to one backend at the time. This plug-in is enabled in WebApp by default. It works perfectly for anybody that needs a solution to store files along his email data.

Zarafa Files Teams: provides advanced functionality to work and share files. It supports different backends. Multi-account support, advanced sharing capabilities and support for ‘Transferring Large Files’ (LFS) are part of the team feature suite, too.

What does it mean for my existing customers?

They will experience that support and updates continue to be a key service from Zarafa.

On top of this customers can get more effective support by using Kopano’s features. Kopano will help them to monitor, manage and optimize their existing set-up(s). They will be provided with useful insights that give them personalized recommendations for system improvements.

Customers will also get access to an app marketplace from Kopano. They will notice a growing offering of additional communication & sharing solutions like Zarafa Web meetings, Zarafa Files team features and so called ‘ecosystem apps’. Examples of these apps could be integrations with DMS & CRM-like applications. There are many other use cases and apps to be explored, of course.

We are happy to announce that existing customers can use the new Zarafa web meetings & Zarafa files for teams free of charge until 1 July 2016. The advanced Kopano features such as extended system statistics and recommendations are included as well.

In the new subscription model, Zarafa web meetings and Zarafa for Files are part of the PRO and ENT subscriptions for on-premises customers. In the BASIC edition, existing customers will have access to these features as well until 1 July 2016. If these features deliver value to them they can decide to purchase these features in the second year or to purchase an upgrade to PRO or ENT.

Will I get support for Zarafa's Outlook MAPI connector?

In the new subscriptions, you will get access to the Kopano marketplace.. As announced, Zarafa will phase out OL support.

Until that time, ZCP with the OL connector will also be available from the marketplace. As an existing customer (everyone with a subscription on 1 May 2015), you are eligible to Outlook support until 1 May 2017. As a new customers, you are eligible to Outlook support until 1 May 2016.

Do any additional fees apply to Kopano?

No, Kopano is part of every Zarafa subscription, allowing everyone to benefit directly. This helps customers to get more effective support. You can control your own communication experience by using the Kopano marketplace. In here you will find official Zarafa business apps such as web meetings & file sharing. The ecosystem will also offer its apps through Kopano’s marketplace which further enhances the communication experience of customers.

The PRO & ENT editions give you more statistics of you system. It will collect anonymous data of your system to provide you with personalized recommendations to improve and optimize your system. This allows you to tackle problems before they could result in performance issues.

In addition, the ENT edition is also very suitable for everyone that is looking for multi-server/multi-tenant set-ups.

From when could I use Kopano?
We will launch Kopano to the public in Q2 2015. In April 2015, we have a first version available for Zarafa Partners.
What will change for my existing customers?

For now, your current customers can continue to work the way they are used to. They can evaluate Zarafa’s new client strategy in which web & mobile get priority. While the community project ‘Outlook over ActiveSync’ matures, they still receive support for the Outlook MAPI client until 1 May 2017.

In addition they will get access to more features than before. A switch enables them to use the features of Kopano. The marketplace offers business apps such as Zarafa Files and Zarafa web meetings. We intend to have more applications in the marketplace at the end of 2015.

Interested existing customers can already try out Kopano’s features free of charge as soon as they are released. To offer an optimal experience for existing customers, we will offer every customer an introductory offer to Kopano from 1 September 2015.

So, you ask me for my data. What about data and privacy concerns?

We understand your considerations: we would take privacy in account too. Still, we think we can offer you big advantages when you decide to share anonymized data. The advantages are especially to be found in personalized recommendations for your system.

We want to be as transparent as possible about how we use your data and why we ask for it. That’s why we have dedicated a special page to the topic.This page explains who can access your data and what happens to it before it is uploaded to Kopano.

We also happily answers every question you may have. Please do get in touch with us.