While productivity usually decreases in December with the upcoming holidays and perhaps due to a bit of a winter depression, we managed to keep up the pace and even increase productivity! With eight releases in 20 days, December is our self-proclaimed innovation month!

Over the span of 2015, we are proud to have published over 45 releases. Not only a record amount of releases characterizes 2015, but also the introduction of a lot of new products in our communication & sharing stack. We have released a first version of DeskApp, S/MIME, Zarafa Files, Web Meetings and WebApp add-ons, such as Mobile Device Management and the File Previewer. They allow you to be more productive from anywhere, work together more effectively and keep control of your data and sensitive information.

Milestones in December

One big milestone in December is the beta release of WebApp 2.2! This version introduces a new look and feel of WebApp with an improved user experience as the main goal. It has a minimalistic design, with a lot more space for the content that matters. The performance was also improved and this will remain important in upcoming (beta) releases.

Another big release that is definitely worth mentioning, is the first beta of DeskApp 0.9. This is our first step to bring WebApp closer to the desktop, and you can now test its basic functionality. We will continue to develop DeskApp into a native application that runs on most platforms, supporting Windows, OS X and Linux right from the start. The next step in DeskApp development is adding specific desktop features.

We deliver mobility with Z-Push which implements ActiveSync, the industry standard for mobile synchronisation. You can also rely on Z-Push for offline usage and Outlook compatibility. So it is great news that a new final version of Z-Push was released in December. The 2.2.7 Final improved features such as handling encrypted email and downloading attachments. Z-Push has been a very active component this year, with over fifteen releases thus far!

Thank you for your support in 2015!

All your suggestions, feedback, testing and other interactions have been really beneficial to our user driven development approach. So please keep sending us your comments, they are more than welcome.

Read more specifics about our releases in December

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Bob Huisman
Bob Huisman

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