Mark de Bruijn

August 4, 2015

Managing Zarafa users with PowerShell

Zarafa can make use of different (LDAP based) backends for user management, like OpenLDAP or Active Directory. If you are using the latter in your environment, it is likely you are familiar with our ADS plugin, and you might also make use of PowerShell to manage […]
January 3, 2014

Administration tip #1: How to run WebApp on a separate web server

This blog post is a part of a blog post series about tips and tweaks for a Zarafa server. These tips should make the life of any Zarafa installation just a little bit more secure and stable. An often asked question at support is “Does my […]
January 20, 2013

Cool Scripts and Tools – Automated spam processing with python-zarafa and

A few weeks ago we introduced python-zarafa. This new API allows you to easily create Python scripts that interact with a Zarafa server and its data. Today we are going to show you, a Python script consisting of only 80 lines of code that owes […]