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This script shows the folder sizes per folder of a users' mail store.

Set the execute bit to the script, and then run the script as followed:

./foldersize.php [zarafa_username]

Prerequisites for the script:

  • Run the script on the Zarafa server as this script connects to zarafa's UNIX socket.
  • The Zarafa server needs the PHP MAPI extention installed.
  • You need to have the php-cli package installed.

Get the script here:

The script will output something like this:

RSS Feeds: 0KB
Freebusy Data: 0KB
Junk E-mail: 0KB
Tasks: 0KB
Notes: 0KB
Journal: 0KB
Drafts: 0KB
Calendar: 0KB
Contacts: 0KB
Sent Items: 31KB
Deleted Items: 12KB
Outbox: 0KB
Inbox: 2446KB
Schedule: 0KB
Shortcut: 0KB
<Unknown>: 0KB
Total: 2491KB

Foldername "FINDER_ROOT" and the ones which start with "IPM_" are MAPI folders and need to be there.

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