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OfficialDescriptionZarafa version

This is the official virtual appliance for easier evaluation of Zarafa. It represents the fastest possible way to evaluate a Zarafa server without the need for long installation procedures or additional hardware. The download is a clean install of the most recent Zarafa version and also includes Z-Admin (for easy server administration). You don’t need a Linux server.

For more information please have a look at the following page in our Wiki:

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IntegrationsDescriptionZarafa version

This virtual appliance includes the latest and greatest Zarafa preinstalled on a ready-to-use Univention Corporate Server (UCS) system.

Univention Corporate Server is an easy-to-use, cost efficient and popular alternative to Microsoft's server solutions. It features Active Directory services based on Samba and an easy-to-use web-based management system. Zarafa is seamlessly integrated in UCS.

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Most recent Zarafa version included

We have two flavors of the virtual appliance for evaluation purposes: one is based on Ubuntu (check above) while the other one is powered by SUSE SLES11 (this one). It's up to your personal preference how you want to go from here.

There's also a 'German Quickstart Online Training' available that uses this virtual appliance. Go check it out here .

Please note: this demo download is a product out of the Zarafa community. It's supported on a "best efforts-only" basis.

Most recent Zarafa version included

This download is intended for those users that have experience with setting-up a Linux server. Various precompiled packages are available. Choose your distribution below.

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You can visit Zarafa\'s own demo server if you are mainly interested in the frontend web client of Zarafa. This next generation web client focuses on a desktop-like experience in the web browser.

You will not need your trial subscription for this evaluation possibility. WebApp is hosted on the servers of Zarafa.

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Zarafa Windows ClientClient application for Outlook connection
Z-PushSupport for mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry & Windows Phone


Administrator Manual
This document explains how to perform the most common administrative tasks with ZCP.
User Manual
This document describes how to use Zarafa from a user's view point.

For other languages and other documention, please have a look in the documentation section