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SummerCamp aims at everybody connected with Zarafa and its ecosystem. To make it an appealing event for all participants, we will offer a wide range of sessions and topics.

Next to business sessions in which customer experiences will be shared, you can go technical by participating in Hands-on labs, community sessions and tech workshops. By attending the Zarafa SummerCamp you can expect to gain information and discussion on product road maps, intense networking with a varied range of participants, build relationships to expand your portfolio of offerings and share the latest and greatest in the field of developing open source collaboration software.
This is the preliminary program. In the next weeks, the program will take shape and frequently presentations and workshops will be added. 
Day 1   Day 2

Thursday 21 June

  Keynotes in Auditorium
9:15 Welcome and opening
Helmuth Neuberger, Director Zarafa DACH
9:30 Keynote
Brian Joseph, CEO Zarafa
9:40 Keynote: Groupware technologies: past, present and future
Steve Hardy, CTO Zarafa
9.50 Introduction sponsors
Helmuth Neuberger, Director Zarafa DACH
Andreas Rösler, Director Partner Sales Zarafa DACH
9:55 Keynote: New game for tomorrow’s enterprise desktop
Markus Feilner, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Linux Magazin
10:20 Keynote: The future is hybrid and needs to be open
Peter Ganten, CEO Univention and Chairman Open Source Business Alliance
10:40 Keynote: "One Ring To Rule Them All: the darker and lighter sides of cloud integration"
Ron Tolido, CTO Application Services, Capgemini
11:00  Break & Information market
  Track 1 (T1) - Migrating from Exchange to Zarafa
Track 2 (T2) - Cloud
Track 3 (T3) - Key Tech
Hands-on lab
Trainings Round table
LPI Track  Zarafa Administrator Training Zarafa Engineer Training
11:30 Migrating from Windows Servers to Linux with Zentyal and Zarafa
Mihai Bilauca, Head of Information Systems Municipality of Limerick Ignacio Correas, Founder & CEO Zentyal
Zarafa in the Capgemini Open Cloud
Bouke Koelstra, Business Development Capgemini
Enterprise Class High Availability for Zarafa Customers - DRBD by LINBIT
Philipp Reisner, Founder & CTO Linbit
Deploying Zarafa Archiver
Michael Kromer, Head of Professional Services Zarafa Germany
Open Generation Gap
Emiel Brok, LPI Netherlands
till 16h00, then exam
till 16h00, then exam
Partner roundtable:
Commercial questions I always wanted to ask…
12:00 Project Approach when Migrating from Exchange to Zarafa
Milo Oostergo, Product Manager Zarafa
One solution of two vendors solves plenty needs
Nico Gulden, Univention
EWS: Exchange Web Services on Zarafa
Steve Hardy, CTO Zarafa
12:30 Lunchbreak              
  Track 1 (T1) - Collaboration platform Track 2 (T2) - Enterprise stacks Track 3 (T3) - Key Tech Hands-on lab LPI Track     Round table / special sessions
13:30 WebApp introduction and roadmap
Milo Oostergo, Product Manager Zarafa
Business Continuity ISO Standard - A Sales Perspective for Zarafa
Peter Lemken, Sales Director Linbit
Performing fast backups in large scale environments using open source backup tools
Liz van Dijk, Consultant Percona & Michael Kromer, Head of Professional Services Zarafa Germany
Python programming
Steve Hardy, CTO Zarafa
Interoperability between Windows Clients and Linux Servers
Sebastian Schauenburg, Trainer, Ictivity
Zarafa inside  – feature-requests, beta-tests and QA
14:10 DMS/ECM - simply for everyone! Oliver Schulze, CEO agorum From RHEL to RHEV to Cloud
Tim Speetjens, Solution Architect Infrastructure, Red Hat
Z-push 2.0 changes for administrators
Sebastian Kummer, Software Engineer, Zarafa
Roundtable city councils in Dutch/Flemish
(only accessible for city councils)
14:45 Break
  T1 - Collaboration platform T2 - Ecosystem T3 - Zarafa Innovations Hands-on lab        
15:00 Communication feature comparison MS vs Zarafa
Bart Smith, MS Exchange Trainer vs Zarafa
  Zarafa 7.1 features Steve Hardy, CTO, Zarafa Z-Push debugging
Sebastian Kummer, Software Engineer, Zarafa
PKI certificatie en certificaten (in Dutch)
PKI - Jaap Bril
15:20 Spreed web meeting and conferencing
Niels Mache, CEO, struktur AG
Kaspersky Endpoint Protection
Thomas Sprinckmann, Managing Director 8Soft
Zarafa Cluster using a reverse proxy
Steve Hardy, CTO Zarafa
15:50 Bring your own Device - Best Practises
Jan Guldentops, CEO, Better Access
Communication Skills – how engineers can outperform
Karina Kaiblinger, Eco-C
Implementing two-factor authentication in Zarafa WebAccess by using Yubikey
Helmuth Neuberger, Director Zarafa DACH
  LPIC-1, -2 and -3 (community prices) Hands-on training:
Basic Zarafa positioning for partners (invitation only)
16:15 Formal programm ends, 'Fun & Entertainment program' is announced Exam Zarafa Administrator Exam Zarafa Engineer
16:30 Fun & Entertainment program
Beer tasting, Guided tour Rolduc, Workshop: Build an app that reveals security holes on Android and soccer.
18:00 Free time              
18:30 Welcome drinks              
19:00 Dinner & awards(starter)              
20:30 Do what you want to do e.g. T1/T2/T3  
20:45 T1: Watch EC quarterfinal football

T2: Workshop: build an app that reveals security holes in your Android

Paul Lammertsma & Freek Kauffmann

T3: Milo Oostergo and Michael Kromer share some cool open source projects          
23:00 Networking drinks & end day 1



Friday 22 June

  Keynotes in Auditorium Hands-on Lab LPI Track Special session Round table
9:30 Keynote: Zarafa development update 2012
Steve Hardy, CTO Zarafa
10.00 Keynote: Z-Push 2.0
Sebastian Kummer, Software Engineer, Zarafa
10:30 Keynote: Three cool Zarafa innovations
Steve Hardy, CTO Zarafa

Start LPI track
Linux Essential
Anselm Lingnau, LinupFront GmbH
Communication feature comparison MS vs Zarafa

Bart Smith, MS Exchange Trainer vs Zarafa
11:00  Break (move to coffee space, end of Auditorium session)  
  Track 1 (T1) Track 2 (T2) Tech on Z innovations Track 3 (T3)  Integrations Product presentation LPI Track Special session Round table
11:30 Profile Management with Outlook for easy deployment
Dirk Ahrnke, CEO, IT25
Tips & tricks for running Zarafa is larger scale environment
Michael Kromer & Mark Sartor, Zarafa
How to create plugins and adapt your own style or color scheme for WebApp (Intro / for beginners)
Ivo van Doorn, Developer Zarafa
Compass cloud telephony: Integral part of the Unified Communications puzzle
Zarafa - mail, mysql and central authentication
Bachelor Program Network Infrastructure Design
, Zuyd Hogeschool
Zarafa Subscription model for partners Roundtable
Synchronisation strategies with multiple offline clients
Introduction to MS Licensing for partners
12:30 Lunchbreak            
  Track 1 (T1) Community Track Track 2 (T2) Zarafa Innovations Track 3 (T3) Integrations Hands-on lab     Round table
13:30 Community update and Zarafa Development Process
Remon van Gijn & Ivo Timmermans, Zarafa
Z-push 2.0:  what has changed for the administrator
Sebastian Kummer, Software Engineer, Zarafa
Develop your own plugin (Advanced session, knowledge on plugin framework required)
Deploying Zarafa Archiver
Milo Oostergo
Linux and Open Source from the beginning
Klaus Behrla, LPI Central Europe
  Open discussion on Zarafa in the cloud
13:50 Fedora update &
PAM-MAPI Zarafa Ready certified community project

Robert Scheck
14:10 OpenSuse development,
Zarafa package distributions

Michael Kromer
14:30 LPIC-1, -2 and -3 (community prices)
14:45 Break          
    Track 2 (T3)  Tech on Zarafa innovations   Handson lab   Round table
15:00 Debian packaging Giraffe and D-push
Wolfram Quester, Debian Package Maintainer
Exchange Web Services, technical information
Steve Hardy, CTO Zarafa
Develop your own plugin (Advanced session, knowledge on plugin framework required) Zarafa on Synology NAS deployment and usage
Julian Dohle
  Z-Push debugging
15:20 HA, multi-tenancy and SSO in Zentyal 2 & 3
Jorge Salamero, Zentyal
16:15 -
Closing Session            
All speakers are unpaid nor reimbursed for their talks at the 2012 Zarafa SummerCamp
* Program disclaimer: This program is put together with great care. Nevertheless, it is possible that there are inadequacies in the information. Zarafa has the right to change the program without notice. No rights may be derived from the contents of this program.