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Niels Mache

Niels Mache graduated (MSc) in computer science, biology and business administration. Mache served as R&D engineer at Sony Telecommunication Research and Development Europe. In the year 1992/1993 he co-founded the Linux company delix GmbH, one of the first companies at that time providing Linux operating system software and services. Later on in 1993 he established the Internet Service Provider (ISP) operations of the company providing Internet access to corporate customers in South Germany (delix provided Internet access through redundant 155Mbps ATM fiber networks at that time). Mache served as Director of Development for Red Hat Inc. leading the development of Red Hat Linux in Germany. He is the co-founder and CEO of the European software company struktur AG in Stuttgart, Germany. With the web meeting product Spreed (http://www.Spreed.com), the company offers Unified Communication & Collaboration software and devices. Mache got awards from the Young Scientist Award (“Jugend Forscht”), German Academy Software and from the US MasPar Computer Inc. for his excellence in Massive Parallel Computing. He holds a number of defensive patents. His issued patent holdings are in areas including: encryption technology, distributed communication systems and business data analysis. Mache has 50+ international scientific publications. Mache's biomedical research work in protein structure and DNA function analysis has been published in several scientific journals.