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Virtual Machine Competition

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Show us what you can achieve with Zarafa on a virtual machine and win great awards! All attendees of our Summercamp are invited to participate in the 'Zarafa Virtual Machine Competition' There is only one rule: Zarafa has to be a main feature of that virtual machine. All virtual machines will be rated by a professional jury. Three winners in separate categories are invited to demonstrate their virtual machine during the Summercamp in Brussels on Friday 18th of June.

1. Up-sell & scale-up
2. Suitability for daily use
3. Cool add-ons

The virtual machines will be rated on:

  • Plug&play ability: How fast and easy is it to get the VM up and running?
  • Hardware independence: Is VM depending on special hardware requirements?
  • Configuration interface: How easy is the configuration interface to use? Is it pleasant?
  • User-configuration: How easy is it to create users in the VM? How easy is it to use external user-sources?
  • Scalability: can the machine be scaled up to run for 100 users?


  • A beautiful Trophy to show off…!
  • A link for 6 months in the community-area of including a short description.
  • The 3 winners and their VM will be mentioned in Zarafa’s press release that will be distributed in the week after the Summercamp.
  • When the winning VMs meet the quality level and requirements of the German Linux Magazin, it will be included on their Media DVD of September 2010 (at sale from 1st of August 2010).
  • The winner drinks a Virtual Cocktail with Zarafa’s CTO Steve Hardy on Thursday 17th June.


This year's contributions to the Virtual Machine Competition:

Neuberger & Hughes
Linet Services



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