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Zarafa Enriches E-mail Environment of Spanish Manufacturer Dulcesol

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Meeting the demands of mobile compatibility, shared calendaring and high availability

Business    Manufacturer of pastry, cake and bread products
Headquarters   Valencia (Spain)
Situation   Usage of Outlook and an IMAPbased webmail solution that does not offer shared calendaring and mobile connectivity
Solution   Zarafa Collaboration Platform
Further premise   Because of the mission critical character of mail, create a high availability setup
Local partner in this project   Brújula, open source system integrator,
Advantages   Full Outlook connectivity, mobile connectivity and support for BlackBerry devices via BES, high availability setup, shared calendaring



 Dulcesol is the commercial brand name of a number of companies , based entirely in Valencia (Spain), whose origins date back to the 1950s. The group started from a small family business of traditional bread and cake shops in Villalonga, Valencia.

The Dulcesol Group’s most important activity is the production and marketing of pastry, cake and bread products. Dulcesol has an own poultry farm destined to produce eggs for their products, as well as their own egg processing plant that produces liquid egg products to supply their factories. 

Dulcesol has 50 offices all over Spain and employs more than 1900 people. The Head Office is based in Valencia. The IT-department has 12 employees ranging from hardware technicians, system administrators and automatics technicians to software engineers.

The quality of products has always been one of the fundamental objectives of the Dulcesol Group. This has led them to become the first Spanish company within their sector to be rewarded with a quality certificate. Its Quality Assurance System complies with the Quality Management Norm ISO 9001:2000 and with the international food safety protocols IFS and BRC, as certified by AENOR



“In our company we work 24 hours a day on the production of pastry, cake and bread products. The high availability setup of Zarafa Collaboration Platform ensures us of a stable mail environment which is mission critical for our manufacturing process”.

Pascual Gadea, System Administrator, Dulcesol


After its establishment in 1950, the Dulcesol Group has grown considerably. With its existing 50 offices all over the country, the Spanish producer of pastry, cake and bread products experienced an increased internal need to modernize its e-mail environment. The employees of Dulcesol were used to working with Outlook and an IMAP based webmail solution in an open source Qmail environment with a POP3/IMAP server.

Dulcesol started to search for new groupware that could meet the requirements for shared calendaring and mobile connectivity which, at that time, were not supported. Furthermore, because of the mission critical character of e-mail within Dulcesol, a high availability setup was more than desired, and of course the solution had to work with Outlook.

The producer’s IT department already had deep knowledge of Linux, so a Linux based e-mail solution was the most logical choice. Various solutions were examined. Zarafa’s full Outlook connectivity and full integration with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server were decisive. Since Zarafa includes open source ActiveSync compatibility, employees with for example HTC Hero smartphones, iPhones or Windows Mobile can also have remote synchronization and push mail with Zarafa’s collaboration software. At this time 85 BlackBerry users have been migrated to Zarafa. Zarafa also contains an additional advantage for employees. Because of its Outlook look and feel, people who are used to Outlook, have a minimum learning curve.

High availability
Before the migration to Zarafa a high availability set-up was not available. Now, the Zarafa Server runs on Red hat Enterprise Linux 5 on Dell Poweredge 2900 server. The Zarafa MySQL database has synchronous replication to another server. In case of a failover, Dulcesol has chosen to do a manual failover in order to check the server status and log files first. Both servers are located in the head offices. Users at the regional offices, all working with Outlook, connect to Zarafa Webaccess over a permanent VPN connection.

Dulcesol uses Zarafa’s migration tool for the data migration and a custom IMAP migration script for IMAP mail users. The migration of all 1900 employees is on track.






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