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Mumbai 29 Nov. Open source contract supervised by Dutch Minister

On behalf of the Dutch government, Frank Heemskerk, Minister of Foreign Trade, has announced in september agreements with municipalities and other government bodies to consider open standards and open source software as a first choice. Zarafa and Helios Solutions signed a contract in this area during the Dutch Trade Mission in India.

Under the supervision of Frank Heemskerk, Zarafa and Helios Solutions have signed a contract to research and develop tools for adoption of open standards. Activities cover Multi-user attachment search over ODF’s and migration tools to realize vendor independence for customers.

“An example of such a solution would be that management with access to other people’s corporate mail data could search (i.e. before a visit to a customer) easily through all mail communication on a company's name or contact person.”, explains Brian Joseph, Director of Zarafa.

Jigar Shah, Director of Helios adds: “Current Zarafa migration tools enable to migrate from Imap based solutions and from MS Exchange. For Lotus Notes and groupwise, more advanced options are required, as these solutions lack open standards. Otherwise migration could go much faster.”

Zarafa has offices in The Netherlands, Germany and Brazil. Helios is Indian based and has it's main business focus in the Netherlands and Germany.

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