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5 July 2012 - ‘48 Hour Feature Development Race’ Proves Platform Agility of Zarafa WebApp 1.1.

Users and developers interact on new functionality at yearly Zarafa User Conference

Zarafa, the leading European provider of open source groupware and collaboration software, has shown the platform agility of WebApp, at its yearly User Conference (Zarafa SummerCamp). Thanks to the plug-in framework, which is new in WebApp 1.1 (, the Zarafa Development Team has succeeded in creating 4 plug-ins and several features during a '48 Hour Feature Development Race’.

Like every year at SummerCamp, participants were asked onsite for their ideas with respect to new Zarafa functionality. To boost the creation of these ideas, a Twitter widget, PDF attachment previewer and a Dropbox integration have been instantly developed and presented. Overview of the results, screenshots and downloads of the '48 Hour Feature Development Race'

Brian Joseph, CEO Zarafa: 'The transparent API of Zarafa's collaboration client for enterprises will encourage the developer community to enrich the platform with a variety of plug-ins. An additional advantage is that it can be done 10 times faster than before. In this way, user driven innovation will enable enterprises to remain aligned with future collaboration developments".

Version 1.1 of WebApp features multi-user weekly calendaring, support for shared folders and calendar overlay, and faster loading times. The user interface has been updated to provide quick access to frequently used features and it can be extended using plug-ins.

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