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22 October 2012 - Zarafa fixes iOS6 bug in Z-Push and disables meeting 'hijacking' by iPhone and iPad users

Zarafa, mobile messaging and open source groupware specialist, has succeeded in fixing the so called iOS6 meeting 'hijacking' bug in Z-Push ( Thanks to valuable open source community contributions, Zarafa is the first to market with a public explanation of the problem and how to fix it (

Now the bug is fixed, employees with iPhones or iPads at Zarafa customers are no longer able to send cancellations to all the other attendees, wreaking havoc in those users’ calendars, since the meeting is not cancelled in reality or have rights to cancel the meeting.

Z-Push 2.0.5 RC already contains this fix (

Z-Push is a FOSS implementation of the MS Exchange ActiveSync protocol which is used to synchronize email, personal contacts and other items between a central server and a mobile device.



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