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22 June 2012 - Zarafa Z-Push 2.0 Release to Facilitate ’Bring Your Own Device’

Zarafa, the European mobile messaging and collaboration specialist, proudly announces the availability of Z-Push 2.0. Z-Push 2.0 not only supports ActiveSync version 14. As security and manageability have improved considerably, it is also easier now for administrators to manage users that ‘Bring Their Own Devices’.

Brian Joseph, CEO Zarafa: “For several years, Zarafa is leading the way with this open source mobile standard. Thanks to Zarafa’s unrivaled compatibility with open back-ends, this technology is the glue between the user and his mobile data and the server stacks in the data centers. Customers will continue to migrate from Lotus Notes, Groupwise and other solutions to Zarafa to ensure management of decent mobile compatibility”.

Support of ActiveSync version 14
The support of ActiveSync version 14 not only ensures the compatibility with the latest generation of mobile phones e.g. Samsung Galaxy S and Android 4. Out of office messages can be set and unset as well and users can search in emails on the server (old emails which are not synchronized to the mobile phone).

Striking is the improved push mechanism. By using a real notification mechanism from the Zarafa server, changes can be sent immediately to mobile phones. In combination with new devices (e.g. Android 4) and the heartbeat mechanism (combined functionality of notification and synchronization), changes are sent to the device within milliseconds, without causing server load.

BYOD: security and manageability
With respect to security, Z-Push 2.0 is supporting fail2ban. If authentication fails after several attempts, the IP address of the user is blocked. It is also possible to execute the remote wipe even if the users store in the Zarafa Collaboration Platform (ZCP) has a different password or was deleted.

Life will become easier for administrators now that they are able to track, at all times, who and which devices are connected.

Increased productivity
The productivity of the mobile is increased. Especially the iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) are now able to display additional calendar and contact folders. In this way e.g. a public contact folder can be made available to mobile users. Using Z-Push 2.0, meeting organizers will be able to check the attendance status.

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