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2 February 2012 - Zarafa Catalyses Software Development Collaboration by Launching

Next step to support fast growing developer community and contributions

Zarafa, the leading European provider of open source groupware and collaboration software, today launched ( The adoption of Zarafa by Fedora, SuSE, OpenBSD, Canonical, ALTLinux, Zentyal, ClearOS and many other Linux distributions requires effective software update mechanisms to serve these massive communities with up-to-date software. The distributed version control system,, enables the developer community to innovate, contribute and get real time updates from the Zarafa software development team.

Since the source code of the Zarafa Collaboration Platform is published after each commit to the internal version control system, enables developers to track the progress of the development on ZCP before it is released. When using the services, the  repository can be cloned to keep track of contributions. Furthermore, feedback on the Zarafa open source code can be sent easily to the Zarafa development team, and all revisions of every file are available locally for inspection.

In June 2010, Zarafa already stressed the importance of the role of its community members by launching the Zarafa Community Hub ( This community site aims at boosting user driven innovation by optimizing interaction and sharing knowledge with all community members and projects involved. is complementary to the Zarafa Community Hub. Open source community projects looking for hosting of their source code can now use Zarafa’s git service as well and be linked from the Zarafa Community Hub. Projects that need such code hosting can register an account and start right away.
People responsible for maintaining ZCP at Linux distributions will also benefit from It will be easier to merge specific patches that are required for building ZCP on these distributions.

At the community event FOSDEM 2012, Steve Hardy, CTO Zarafa, will present 'Optimizing InnoDB buffer pool usage' on Sunday 5 February, 14h00, MySQL DevRoom. This method can make your database run faster using the same hardware by optimizing the way that MySQL uses it's cache memory. He will show how InnoDB's buffer pool works and how you can optimize the data inside.


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