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14 February 2013 - Ease of Use is Key in New Zarafa WebApp Release

Drag & drop of attachments and advanced calendar overview

Zarafa, the leading European provider of open source groupware and collaboration software, today announced that the latest version of its business class enterprise web client, the Zarafa WebApp 1.3, has been released. Key capabilities, that give prominence to efficiency and ease of use, include the drag &drop of attachments, advanced calendar overview, advanced calendar overview and the handling of connection loss. 

Drag & drop of attachments
The new upload capability in WebApp, powered by HTML5, makes the mundane task of uploading files effortless. All users have to do is select one or multiple files on their computer, bring them into the mail compose window and release them onto the message, in the empty attachment box. Thanks to this seamless interaction between WebApp and the desktop, the user experience is transformed and enriched. People no longer have the feeling that they are using ‘just’ a web application.

Advanced calendar overview
Besides the distinction in various meetings such as business appointments, private appointments or travel time, WebApp 1.3 now displays the corresponding color labels in the calendar overviews as well. This allows users to quickly recognize the type of appointment.

The added tooltips on calendar items create an efficiency gain as well. Users can immediately see the meeting details such as organizer, attendees, time, location and recurrence, without the need to open the appointment.


Handling of connection loss
Mobile working has become easier for users who frequently switch connections such as 3G and Wi-Fi. Previously, when the internet connection was lost, users had to use the logout button to leave WebApp and authenticate again. In WebApp 1.3 people receive a reconnection message. When WebApp detects the user’s session has expired, the user is notified and redirected back to the login screen.

The 1.3 release comes with some minor changes as well such as a new initial settings screen, the drag & drop of recipients, showing the last selected folders after login and the deletion of suggested contacts. In the Global Address Book it is now possible to search in more fields e.g. department and phone numbers

The Zarafa WebApp 1.3 can be installed as an additional package from Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.0.12 en 7.1.0 and higher.

Zarafa will demonstrate the WebApp 1.3 at CeBIT, 5-9 March 2013, in Hanover, Germany. CeBIT visitors can find Zarafa at the Univention shared booth (E16), together with the considerably enlarged Open Source Park, in spacious Hall 6.

Zarafa WebApp 1.3 information 
Demo of WebApp 1.3
Screenshot of drag & drop of attachments
Screenshot of color labels
Screenshot of tooltips



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