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10 June - Zarafa Collaboration Platform 6.40 Goes Gold

Full text searching by Lucene, new Today View, extended Address Book

Zarafa, the European mobile messaging and collaboration specialist, proudly announces the immediate availability of the Zarafa Collaboration Platform (ZCP) 6.40.0. The community version[1] and the Release Highlights[2] can be found on Zarafa’s website.
Valuable community feedback, in the form of bug reports and patches, has been used for various improvements. Due to this feedback Zarafa has fixed more than 200 issues since the beta release at the beginning of 2010.

Steve Hardy, CTO of Zarafa: “The highlight of ZCP 6.40.0 is an integrated full-text search using Lucene. This enables customers and organizations that use the community version not only to search in text but also in email attachments”.
The Zarafa webaccess has been updated with a Today View [3], keyboard shortcuts, a Calendar List View and a Delegation Wizard. The Address Book is extended with the possibility to create Contacts and dynamic Distribution and Address Lists. From now on Active Users, Inactive Users, Resources, Groups, Security Groups, Dynamic Groups, Companies and Address are being supported.
Since February 2010, the Fedora Project is shipping the 6.30 series of the ZCP. The active Fedora releases 12 and 13 will ship Zarafa 6.40.0 as well as the Fedora Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) repository for Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases 4 and 5. EPEL 6 beta (for the upcoming RHEL 6 in autumn, which is RHEL 6 beta right now) will also get Zarafa 6.40.0 as soon as possible: The ZCP 6.40.0 is also available through the Canonical Partner repository for the popular Ubuntu distribution: Mandriva, a third free Linux distribution project, includes Zarafa as well.
In less than one week the 2-day, yearly held, international Zarafa Summercamp will take place. On Thursday the 17th and Friday the 18th of June, Zarafa will welcome technology and business partners, community members, customers and journalists in hotel Bloom, Brussels. Visit 2010 for more details and registration.
[1] Download ZCP 6.40.0 (community version):
[2] Release Highlights ZCP 6.40:
[3] Screenshot Today View:



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Zarafa is the fastest growing, commercial, Linux-based groupware company in Europe that enables Linux servers to share Outlook calendar and e-mail. Zarafa allows web-based access by means of an AJAX-based web client. Many governments and corporations run with Zarafa.
It is the only groupware platform that includes open source ActiveSync compatibility, which enables organizations to have remote synchronization and push mail for Windows Mobile, Google Android, Nokia’s Mail for Exchange and iPhones. Zarafa also offers full integration with the Blackberry Enterprise Server.
Zarafa’s Head Office is based in The Netherlands and the company also has offices in Stuttgart, Hannover and Belo Horizonte (Brazil). Zarafa is the Arabic word for giraffe. Like a giraffe, Zarafa has the overview in the landscape of other applications to collaborate together in an open and friendly way.
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