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Zarafa/Jira Integration


The Zarafa/Jira integration consists on a two way functionality: creating Jira issues from the Webaccess and inserting due dates into the calendar of responsible user.

Zarafa2Jira is a Zarafa webaccess plugin which uses the Z-Merge plugin framework. The context menu of a right click on an e-mail will be extended. You will see a new option "Create Jira Issue" and after clicking a new dialog window will open.
Now you only need to select the project within Jira and the appropriate issue type. Feel free to edit the subject and the body which will become the summary and the description of the new Jira issue.

Jira2Zarafa is plugin for Atlassian Jira and able to add an all-day appointment in Zarafa. This all-day appointment will be added when you set a due date and an assignee in a Jira issue. The issue details will be taken over to the appointment as well. When the assignee, the due date or anything else changes, the appointment will also be updated.


- Create Jira issue from the webaccess
- Insert due dates into calendar of responsible user

Compatible Zarafa versions: 
6.30.X, 6.40.X

catWorkX GmbH, Schellerdamm 16, 21079 Hamburg

Sebastian Gerdes <>


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