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Univention Corporate Server

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is an enterprise Linux distribution with focus on identity, infrastructure and virtualization management. It is the optimal plattform to run and manage Zarafa and to integrate Zarafa with other compenents of existing IT environments. UCS easily enables cloud based Zarafa setups and allows the integration with existing on-premises Microsoft Active Directory environments.


Enterprises benefit from a thoroughly tested, quality checked and fully supported combination of Zarafa and UCS that provides a solid groupware solution. Furthermore, UCS and Zarafa4UCS (the integration package) reduce costs for setup, administration and management of Zarafa. Using Zarafa4UCS, Zarafa can be tightly integrated into the UCS management system. Once created in the UCS domain, user names, email-addresses and passwords can not only be used in Microsoft Outlook, Zarafa WebAccess and to connect to Zarafa using mobile devices, but also to provide domain, file or print services, as well as, a huge range of other solutions.


1. Easy deployment in Cloud setups*: UCS provides an easy way to be deployed in Cloud setups like Amazon EC2. Zarafa can also be easily deployed in several Cloud setups and integrated with the existing on-premises infrastructure. For example, UCS enables hybrid cloud scenarios where the customer uses Zarafa in the cloud and connects it with a local Active Directory and only synchronizes the user and group objects needed for Zarafa.
2. Integration with Active Directory infrastructure*: With UCS Active Directory Connector Zarafa is enabled to directly use user and group definitions stored and administered in Microsoft Active Directory – even without extending the schema of Active Direcory. UCS AD Connector allows uni- or bidirectional synchronization of user and group objects including passwords.
3. UCS is the best alternative to Microsoft Windows Server*: UCS provides true Active Directory functionality through a fully integrated variant of Samba 4. In conjunction with its advanced identity and infrastructure management capabilities it is a viable and powerful alternative to server operating systems from Microsoft and even includes sophisticated tools for virtualization and virtualization management. Thus UCS fits ideally in environments which are 4. SSL encryption out-of-the-box*: UCS creates a Publik Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the environment managed by UCS by default. Zarafa4UCS uses the SSL certificates for the Zarafa SSL configuration and enables SSL encryption for Zarafa. A manual configuration of SSL in Zarafa is not necessary.
5. Easy installation*: The installation takes care of the Zarafa LDAP schema extension and the extended attributes for the UCS management system, which provides an additional tab for Zarafa in the users and groups wizard of the Web GUI of the UCS management system. It results in a successful installation of Zarafa working out-of-the-box.
6.Integration with central web-based management system and LDAP directory*: UCS provides a highly sophisticated web-based management system for users and groups and other aspects of a domain, which uses the OpenLDAP directory server as its backend and can be used by ZCP. The LDAP directory uses the default Zarafa schema. Adding a new user and assigning one of the Zarafa roles “user”, “admin”, “shared store” or “contact” to that object automatically triggers the appropriate action (e.g. create a store) at Zarafa.
7.Pre-configured mail stack in UCS*: Zarafa4UCS installs the necessary mail stack components and configures Zarafa and Postfix appropriately. It also provides an integration with the default spam detection and anti-virus checks done by Spamassassin, Amavis and ClamAV in UCS.
8. Support and Maintenance for a good price*: UCS always comes with maintenance including installation support. Additional support levels like standard and premium support are available. One UCS instance allows unlimited numbers of virtualized UCS systems (depending on hardware capabilites). The basis version already includes all functions to run and manage 3rd party software like Zarafa.

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