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SugarCRM integration

SugarCRM is an Costumer-Relationship-Management system.


SugarCRM is integrated through the Z-Merge replication framework for the replication of contacts, tasks and contacts.

The archival of e-mails from the Zarafa Webaccess to SugarCRM is realised using the Z-Merge-Archive (ZMA) Plugin.


Realtime replication of contacts, tasks and calendar items with Zarafa over Z-Merge.

E-mails can be easily archived and connected to SugarCRM objects like Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities etc.

Compatible Zarafa versions: 

To replicate items and/or archive e-mails, this SugarCRM module has to be installed in SugarCRM:


For questions about Z-Merge-Archive and Z-Merge please use the Zarafa forum:

More informations about SugarCRM:


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