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MailID cryptography integration

MailID encrypts and decrypts your incoming and outgoing email and can even sign the outgoing email.


MailID is built on Postfix. MaiID currently supports two encryption standards; S/MIME and PDF encryption. S/MIME provides authentication, message integrity and non-repudiation (using X.509 certificates) and protection against message interception while PDF encryption/decryption and sign-on is based One-Time-Passwords sent to the recipient by SMS.


More information available here

Compatible Zarafa versions: 

Download the completely preconfigured MailID virtual machine from


Michael Bleijerveld

MailID is supported by ID Control with many implementations within the finance, healthcare and legal sector and can be used in combination with its integrated certificate management and the storage of PKI credentials in the secure environment of the ID Control PKI USB Token.
Organisation for distribution, support and integration:
ID Control BV,
Tel. +31 888 SECURE or +49 1803 SECURE (732873) - Hans Kortekaas


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