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Frequently Asked Questions - Zarafa Archiver

Yes a trail application form for a serial is available at the portal site, it initially allows for 25 users for 90 days usage. This can be expanded at request to the product manager/ sales; b. Currently the package is available on the portal only

No, although in practice for real archiving of little use, you can archive to your own server.

A stub is a pointer left in the primairy ZCP server that points to the actual message inside the Zarafa Archiver server. When selected the message in the primairy ZCP store is "de-stubbed", which presents the user with the content that has been retrieved internally form the Zarafa Archiver server. All this without the user having to do anything special.

The stubbed messages are represented by an archive icon to enable quick recognition of these messages.

Yes all attachments are transferred to the archive server as well, and when the Archiver does a complete move or stub action on a message removed from the primary ZCP server

Yes, the current version is ready for normal usage. We intent to add a few utilities extra’s in the solution next month like rights replication for delegate permissions, administrative aids etc. Using customer feedback we will priorities other features.

The Zarafa Archiver-1.0beta solution is available since ZCP 6.40.8 and per release of ZCP 7.0.0.

Feedback is valuable to Zarafa and this requires usage of beta version to interact with end users, in combination with Zarafa ZCP final versions. The Zarafa Archiver solution is in use already at various live ZCP installations large and small.

Yes, this is possible. However when the quota is reached no messages will be archived anymore, so it’s recommended to set no quota on the archive mailboxes.

When no user is available for the archive store, it can be copied to a subfolder of the PublicStore, or can be unhooked and remain a orphaned-store untill it is needed

You can get an Archiver license for as many users as you want, but minimum 20. The amount of Archiver users does not have to be equal to the amount of Zarafa users, but it must be less. So if you have a Zarafa license for 100 users, you can get an Archiver license for anywhere between 20 and 100 users (in multiples of 5).

Yes you can, and it enables the multiserver capability, even though you have a Professional license.

Yes, all archives are initially read-only to the linked user and accessible by opening them as a shared store (or permanently as delegate store).

Yes you can, but in that case, the stubbing feature is not enabled, and you cannot open the archive as delatege store in your own account.

Yes, it is possible to combine more archive stores via the Archiver to 1, or archive an active archive-store to long-term storage.

No, this is not possible, you cannot use an Archiver subscription with a Zarafa Standard edition.

With Zarafa Archiver the archiving is done in steps, where each is optional and configurable in age, and can be skipped or joined with an adjacent step. The steps are 0: no archive, 1: archive-copy, 2: archive-stub, 3: archive-move, 4: archive-purge. The order of these cannot be altered.

Yes, you can search in your own store, the content of any stubbed messages will be included.

The archive stores need to be linked to active users via the Zarafa Archiver individually, this step can be added to the create users script.

You order in the webshop as you would for ZCP licenses, the process is identical, except for the requirement to link a Zarafa Archiver license to a ZCP license.

Yes, in order to have a Zarafa Archiver subscription and to have it supported, a valid and supported ZCP subscription is required.

No, a valid and supported ZCP license is always needed for any Zarafa Archiver license subscription.

Yes, you can have a 1:1 archive setup, a multiuser:1 archive, and even a manyuser:manyarchive construction.

An archive store is a similar mail store as a normal ZCP user has, but is only used to replicate the user store to, and has a structure internally to contain the archive of one or more user stores. This store is located on the Zarafa Archiver server.

The de-stubbing feature, crucial to the transparent and seamless integration with the personal mail store, is only available and supported in licensed Zarafa Archiver installations, in addition to the multiserver feature that is enabled.

Yes, the Zarafa Archiver feature development is by another roadmap then ZCP.

Yes, the archive feature is licensed under the AGPL-v3 license.

Yes it does, that is why Zarafa has increased the allowed inactive user count to 150% of the licensed ZCP users, as opposed to before when this was 50%.

The lowest number of users in a Zarafa Archiver license is 20.

The difference is in the multiserver part, when adding a Zarafa Archiver license to a professional licensed ZCP the multiserver feature is enabled allowing for 1 supported archive server, not a multiserver primary install.

The supported Zarafa Archiver requires ZCP professional edition or Enterprise addition


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