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Frequently Asked Questions - Licensing

To upgrade from a demo version of Zarafa to an official subscription, you only need to replace the following file in the demo subscription key, with a full subscription number: /etc/zarafa/license/base

The Zarafa base subscription is default located in /etc/zarafa/license/base. When you want to add Client Access subscription to the server, you need to do the following steps:

1. Add a new file in the license directory: touch /etc/zarafa/license/1

2. Register the CAL on the Zarafa Portal

3. Add the CAL numbers to this file: echo 379AS24442 > /etc/zarafa/license/1

When you have more than one CAL, you have to create an extra file with the corresponding serial.

The first three users that connect to the community versions with Outlook can only use Outlook. All other users can only connect via webaccess, imap/pop3 or Z-Push.

Subscription numbers can be converted on the Zarafa Portal. To access the Zarafa Portal you need a login account. On the Zarafa Portal you can also download the Zarafa supported software.

Unfortuantely this is not possible. When you want to use a Zarafa supported edition you have to buy a subscription for all users that are created in your Zarafa system.


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