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I cannot login to Zarafa when using the Active Directory user plugin. What is the reason for this?

I am using Active Directory for user information for Zarafa. With the commando ‘zarafa-admin –l’ can I retrieve a list with Zarafa users, however it is not possible for (certain) users to log in into the webaccess or Outlook, what is wrong?

In Active Directory it is possible to set, for every user on which computer he/she may login. For verification of the username and password of a user, a computer will bind to the Active Directory. When the name or ip-address is not in the list of computers, the username and password is not verified by the Active Directory. The same would happen when the name or ip-address of the Zarafa server is not available in the list of computers, so the user cannot login to Zarafa.

For checking/changing this, you can take the following steps:

  • Open the active directory users and groups configuration window.
  • Open the settings of a user, by double clicking on the username.
  • Go to the tab ‘Account’ and click on the ‘Log On To’ button.
  • Add the name or ip-address of the Zarafa server by ‘computer name’ if the option ‘the following computers’ is selected. When ‘All computers’ is selected, it should be possible for this user to login on all the computers in the network, including the Zarafa server.


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