Webinar – How to accelerate your email security efforts in 2015

Data leaks, security breaches and government agencies spying on civilians: just a few security related issues that have dominated IT news in 2014. Safe communication is on the agenda but the question remains: how do we make this topic a priority for the complete organization?

It is clear for many organization that we at least need to worry about data leakage protection. However, the involved security measures often have a bad reputation when it comes down to usability. In this webinar, we would like to dive deeper. We hope that the tips and insights enable you to kickstart your email security efforts in 2015. The following topics are on the agenda:

  • Should we care about email security?
  • What are the approaches to safe and trusted communication?
  • An high-level introduction to encryption
  • What are the quick wins for a *very busy* Sysadmin?
  • How do we get users involved in security solutions?
  • For (potential) Zarafa customers: a quick look on the S/MIME beta for WebApp. This plugin enables safe and trusted communication between users in a user friendly way.

This webinar will deliver valuable insights in email security for both organisations using Zarafa and organisation who are not.

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Lennart Gijsen
Lennart Gijsen