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Zarafa Webaccess

With Zarafa WebAccess you can access Zarafa via your internet browser.

The Zarafa WebAccess contains features such as:

Easy email sharing

  • drag and drop attachments
  • public folders
  • possibility of opening another user's calendar or mailbox


  • multiple browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari
  • free/busy and resource scheduling
  • multi-user weekly calendar

Advanced search for any item

  • full text search available
  • advanced find search tool

Zarafa fosters innovation. In Q2 2012 Zarafa launched a first preview of the successor to the current web client, the Zarafa WebApp. The Zarafa WebApp is a new online collaboration interface, developed with ExtJS, a highly flexible framework, that provides:

  • High level of responsiveness & usability due to state-of-the-art technology (e.g. caching)
  • Excellent structure for easy application integration & extensions
  • HTML-5 standard application support
  • features such as two- or three-week calendars in one view or in overlay

Additionally the plug-in framework extensions and library development will bring optional features such as online chat and video conferencing integration, web storage and desktop integrations.

WebApp is included in the latest ZCP 7.0 and 7.1 versions and can be used next to WebAccess.


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