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Scope and Benefits


Zarafa differs from proprietary and other open-source vendors in being the only vendor combining open, compatible and enterprise collaboration. Thanks to this combination, Zarafa’s open source groupware is regarded by its customers and partners as the only real replacement for Microsoft Exchange.


Zarafa Collaboration Platform (ZCP) is open-source, and licensed under the official software license  Affero GPLv3.
Because Zarafa is open-source the costs are significantly lower than those of its competitors. In some cases they are as little as 50% of the costs of some proprietary packages. Check out the different reference cases.
Zarafa’s open-source structure and use of standard Linux packages greatly improve its integration possibilities with other open-source software, such as SugarCRM. Check out various integration options.




Zarafa is the only open-source collaboration platform that has a fully MAPI based architecture, making it scalable and compatible with Outlook.
Zarafa is compatible with BlackBerry handhelds and with ActiveSync enabled handhelds using Z-Push.




Zarafa also delivers 24/7 service level agreements that can be extended with an onsite assistance guarantee when required.

Professional services such as support with onsite migration, clustering architectures and other issues are provided in cooperation with partners.

As a commercial open-source organization, Zarafa delivers maintenance on the versions it distributes, including support guarantees. In addition, Zarafa backs its partners with support tickets. Find your local partner here.



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