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Professional Services

On request of  its partners, Zarafa is available to provide various professional services in case of resource challenges or in large and complicated projects.

Zarafa Quick Scan

This is one day investigation of a potential Zarafa installation to see if there are any bottlenecks in the intended setup. This way Zarafa wants to prevent that a certain installation has suboptimal configuration due to wrong specs or setup.

The Zarafa Quick Scan provides answers to among others:

  • Is storage sufficient for the intended Zarafa Setup
  • Can we expect performance issues due to memory / server specs
  • Multiserver / cluster possibilities
  • What kind of HA is advisable in a certain situations

Zarafa Quick Scan report, excluding traveling expenses

Zarafa Analysis Service

The Zarafa Analysis Service is a service where a Zarafa engineer analyses a Zarafa setup and writes a Zarafa Analysis report. The ZAS contains 1 day on-site analyzing systems and a Zarafa Analysis report.

This report will give insight in for instance the following areas:

  • Is the performance of the system in line with the expectations
  • Tuning MySQL / Zarafa / Apache
  • Is storage sufficient for the setup
  • Possibilities for High Availability
  • Possibilities for Multiserver – Multi-company
  • Backups
  • User-questions about the setup

Zarafa Loadsim Service

A load simulation tests a workload of a certain amount of users on the system. Each user creates a workload according to a so called “MMB3” standard. Several aspects of the servers in the environment are monitored during the load simulation:

  • Number of processes created per second
  • Number of context switches per second
  • CPU usage
  • I/O statistics
  • Memory usage
  • Network statistics

After a load simulation is finished, an extensive report is delivered regarding the simulation. Procedure (estimations due to the preparation by the customer/Zarafa Partner):

  • Setup a load simulation (1 day)
  • Fill the test-database (1 day)
  • Loadsimulations and monitoring (2 days)
  • Reporting (1 day)



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