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Zarafa enables users to work with mobile devices using different technologies. You can use ActiveSync-compatible devices via Z-Push and BlackBerry devices using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) to synchronize email, calendars and contacts.
You can find the latest compatibility list here.


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Z-Push 2.0

Besides compatibility, new functionalities and new devices, major improvements have been made for the administrator. He will be able to gather much more information about the connected devices, device types and firmware versions and even can perform administrative tasks.

New features cover:

·          Set/unset out-of-office messages, search in emails on the server (old emails which are not synchronized to the phone), a full device resync from the server.

·         Especially the iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) are now able to display additional calendar and contact folders. In this way e.g. a public contact folder can be made available to mobile users.

More information:

Mobile compatibility list:

Introduction to Z-Push 2.0:New features & improved mobile management options


Z-Push is an open-source ActiveSync implementation that synchronizes email, contacts, calendar and tasks in Zarafa. Zarafa cooperates with several other vendors on this dominant open-source ActiveSync compatibility platform. The platform has enabled Zarafa to set the standard on open-source ActiveSync compatibility. As a result, customers get better software thanks to our use of early adopters’ feedback on new business handhelds.

All devices using the ActiveSync standard are compatible, including iPhones, Android OS phones, Windows Mobile smart phones, Palm Treos and more. Zarafa supports the following key features:

  • over-the-air synchronization of mail, address book and calendar
  • use of the native device’s UI, no additional mail client download required
  • search messages, manage all folders
  • open / view attachments
  • manage calendar events; accept / decline meetings
  • easy device configuration (just enter the Zarafa server address and your user name), including remote mobile device management.

Please check the Z-Push website for more information and downloads.


BlackBerry devices are integrated over by using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) or BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express (BES Express). The MAPI compatibility enables Zarafa to emulate Exchange behaviour and therefore be fully compatible with the BlackBerry.

  • Synchronization of mail, address book and calendar
  • Access to Zarafa GAL
  • Search messages
  • Open and view attachments
  • Create calendar appointments & meetings
  • Accept & decline meeting invitations
  • Ability to add/provision users in the BlackBerry Administration Console

You can download the Zarafa BlackBerry integration package on The BlackBerry integration is compatible with the Zarafa Professional and Enterprise editions.


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