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Management team

Brian Joseph
Chief Executive Officer
Brian was involved with the commercial rollout of several business ISPs before he co-founded Zarafa. With a clear focus on building a business based on an open model, his aim is that Zarafa will become the number 1 open-source groupware package in the world. Brian is obsessed by the use of untapped human interest and time, catalyzed by the open-source business model which makes more efficient innovation and better communication software possible.
Brian is a member of the Open Source Think Tank, a worldwide network of open-source executives, and assistant professor at the Technical University of Delft (NL). Brian has a special interest in World Cup football trivia.


Steve Hardy
Chief Technical Officer
Steve is co-founder and CTO of Zarafa, and has been responsible for product development since its launch in 2005. Specializing in performance optimization, Steve has over 15 years of experience in the open-source development world, and continues to work hands-on in various software projects. Prior to working at Zarafa, Steve worked at Philips Research and other Linux-based development organizations. Steve is a frequent speaker at leading conferences such as FOSDEM.


Helmuth Neuberger
Director Zarafa Germany, VP Strategic Partnerships

In 1991, Helmuth co-founded Neuberger & Hughes GmbH (N&H). N&H GmbH used to develop communication systems for UNIX, and started to work with Linux in 1992. In 1994, Linux became the basis for all new N&H commercial products.
Earlier, Helmuth studied business (management and logistics) at the Fachhochschule Nuertingen. Helmuth was on the board of the LIVE Linux-Verband. He was also a co-founder and board member of NHM&P Inc. in Portland, Oregon, and co-founder of Internet Service GmbH (sold in 2001).
As Director of Zarafa Germany, Helmuth steers the team that has achieved the number 1 open-source groupware position in the competitive German-speaking market.
Within strategic partnerships, Helmuth envisions the enterprise-ready delivery of solution stacks built up with ISVs and business partners.


Rémon van Gijn

Release & QA Manager

At Zarafa, Rémon is responsible for the release management processes and the QA department.
Since 1998, he has been active in software development from an operational and development perspective, as consultant and development manager at companies such as KPN’s satellites subsidiary Xantic.
Rémon aims at integrating customer experiences and feedback as part of the agile development process. He strongly believes that quality and reliability will enhance the growth of Zarafa towards achieving the position of number 1 preferred international open-source groupware solution.



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