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Canonical provides engineering, online and professional services to Ubuntu partners and customers worldwide. As the company behind the Ubuntu project, Canonical is committed to the production and support of Ubuntu – an ever-popular and fast-growing open-source operating system. Zarafa is included in the Canonical partner repository of the Ubuntu LTS releases.



Collax GmbH has been producing Out-of-the-Box and customizable infrastructure servers for the SMB market since 2005. The Collax Platform Server forms a robust base for a “Plug-In” server into which modules such as Zarafa Groupware, Mail Security, Network Optimization, Firewall, Backup etc. can be introduced to form powerful infrastructure and communication servers. More information >


Since 2006, Zarafa and RedHat are teaming up. At fairs and conferences throughout Europe, RedHat and Zarafa partners and customers are informed about the benefits of their combined e-mail linux platform.
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  Univention is a leading vendor of scalable open source IT infrastructure solutions. The portfolio consists of a Debian-based Linux-distribution for enterprises (Univention Corporate Server, UCS) and solutions for desktop-, client- and virtualization-management. UCS includes a sophisticated management system for identities, IT-infrastructure and virtualization, which allows central-driven IT operation even in complex environments. More information >




  ClearCenter (in collaboration with ClearFoundation, a non-profit organization) creates, distributes and maintains ClearOS - an open platform for Network, Gateway and Server.  ClearOS is focused on providing choice to organizations around what, where and how their IT infrastructure is deployed. More information >



  Arkeia and Zarafa have worked together in order to put in place a flexible backup and disaster recovery solution for Zarafa groupware servers.

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  SEP Sesam and Zarafa offer you online backup and restore integrated with a friendly user interface.

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  Zarafa is a tier A member of Capgemini Open Alliance. Capgemini is one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services. Present in more than 30 countries with over 108,000 employees, the Capgemini Group helps its clients transform in order to improve their performance and competitive positioning.

Next to Zarafa’s membership of the Capgemini Open Alliance, Zarafa and Capgemini are involved in joint research and testbeds to scale TCO benefits and adjusted architectural design to scale Enterprise ready email into the millions.

  Zarafa and IBM are involved in research to scale Zarafa into the millions with petabytes of storage.

IBM is one of the worldwide leaders in the area of IT Systems, Software, Services and Consultancy. About  430,000 IBM’ers worldwide are involved with inventing and integrating hardware, software and services to enable advanced companies, institutions and people to be successful.

The collaboration involves configuration comparison and tests of IBM while stretching the number of users per server, which is vitally important to optimize the TCO. It also includes specific analysis such as deployting benchmarking tool used to test how a server responds to mail load.







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