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Introduction to Zarafa Spreed Web Meeting Integration

Workplaces are changing. Employees need tools that enable them to work from virtually anywhere. Despite the availability of video conferencing solutions, users struggle to extend their existing groupware (email, calendar, contacts) solutions to connect easily with colleagues and the business via web meetings.

The Zarafa Spreed Web Meeting Integration connects people in new ways, regardless of their physical location. It delivers a fresh, intuitive user experience that is directly accessible from the Zarafa WebAccess. This integration brings together the different ways people communicate with mature web meeting technology. Spreed Web Meeting cloud technology is being used by thousands of enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Business(es).

This integrated groupware & web meeting platform helps to reduce costs and facilitates rapid user adoption. Because this platform is in reach from just downloading the plugin and is broadly interoperable, it fits into existing IT infrastructure for easier deployment without any additional installation effort.


The Zarafa Spreed Web Meeting Integration enables you to setup a web session in a few clicks. The current free version supports:

  • Spreed Web Meetings: live web meetings with the possibility to discuss documents by whiteboarding or desktop sharing.
  • A plugin that provides access to a Spreed Web Meeting from Zarafa's WebAccess.


1. Benefits of integrations:
Getting connected with other people (regardless of their email client) from your Zarafa WebAccess (email, calendar and contacts). This makes full digital collaboration much more effective where the most appropriate interaction format can be selected without any barriers to setup new applications.

2. Benefits of web meetings:

  • Increased productivity: Enabling people that work outside the office to join meetings and discussions with face to face interactions and documents visible available to everybody. Especially the document, desktop and application sharing empowers customers to realize maximum interaction with other people. Decisions are taken more quickly; bringing products or services to market quicker; and enabling you to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Saves money: An additional tangible effect is that you can save money thanks to reduced travel.

3. Instant availability of live web meetings by deploying a company-wide plugin once. Using this free version, Zarafa users and their invitees (regardless of their email client) can connect directly.

License: AGPLv3

Compatible Zarafa versions: all

Integration Manual:



Maintainer: Zarafa


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