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Global Partner - Red Hat


Red Hat is the largest company in the world dedicated to providing open source technology, information and services, offering the full spectrum of open source software and support.

The firm has a wide-array of industry partnerships with major computing vendors like AMD, Dell, HP and IBM, Intel to support their rapidly-growing adoption of open source solutions.  

Zarafa & Red Hat

Zarafa has teamed up with Red Hat since 2006. At several fairs and seminar in Europe, Red Hat and Zarafa partners and end-customers are informed about the benefits of their combined e-mail Linux platform.

A few examples of the cooperation:

Product intergration:
      - Zarafa Red Hat Interakt Contour case en | fr | nl | de

Example of joint confence presence: Partner Summit | Exhibition


If you have any further questions about partnering with Red Hat please visit or
or contact Red Hat's EMEA Partner Helpdesk directly via
      - Email: [email protected]
      - Phone toll Free: 00800 7334 2888


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