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Get your integration certified by Zarafa

No matter if you are an independent developer with a cool addition to ZCP or if you are an ISV and want to couple your product with ZCP, everything starts with a registration in the project directory of ZCP. Here you can present your creation to a wide audience, no matter if you want to give it away for free or if you require a fee for download and use (a shop function is currently not planned from our side). In this way users of the Zarafa community can easily find your project, download it and provide feedback for you.

Projects on which we receive good feedback or which extend ZCP in a way that we think it should be supported, also have the option to receive official (end customer) support by Zarafa.

How to get Zarafa Ready or Zarafa Certified?

All registered projects inside the Zarafa Project Directory can apply to become Zarafa Ready or respectively Zarafa Certified. To get your product certified by Zarafa the following criteria have to be met (alongside signing a partner contract with Zarafa):


    Only has a small risk of becoming incompatible or obsolete in the near future
    Two maintainers will be assigned to the project (Tech and Sales). These will be the contact person for the partner and its customers at Zarafa.
    To keep being certified the integration has to be compatible at least with every RC2 of the next major release with a quarterly check.
    Project provides a good added value
    Has to work with specified currently supported major release of ZCP
    Partner must promote the certification on their website
    Partner keeps corresponding project on the Zarafa Community Hub up to date
    Partner provides a manual “how to integrate” and deploy
    Partner should provide at least two names and references that use this integration with ZCP



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