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Zarafa Tour 2013 Recap – Part 2

This is the second blog post of two blog posts in which we look back at the Zarafa Tour in the Netherlands and Germany: two days full of releases, discussions, inspiration and learnings.

Brainstorming on the future of WebApp

Now it could seem that our software releases dominated the Zarafa Tour, but one could argue that this is not a complete picture. I would have to agree; we did a lot of brainstorming on features and the future, especially when it comes to WebApp.

  • In the Netherlands, partners (thanks Better Access, Campai and Uniwan!) did 2-minute pitches on ideas for new functionality in the WebApp.  Participants went into deep discussions on how to implement features afterwards.
  • In Germany, we had extensive discussions during multiple sessions on needed features by end customers. You can think about S/MIME support in WebApp, highly configurable signatures and advances rules in the WebApp. At the end, we organized a live voting where people where asked to stick notes on their most wanted features!
  • In both sessions, we (Zarafa) also introduced two prototypes. These prototypes gave participants an understanding of how the WebApp could be combined with files in the future. We will spend another blog post on this specific topic, stay tuned!

We are very happy with this format as these sessions are one of the best ways to gather valuable feedback. They also provided new insights in the many different ways that users interact with their WebApp. And in the end, the sessions also give partners a look behind the scenes of development.


Boats and rollercoasters

An event also surprises you in ways that you couldn’t imagine beforehand.

  • We organized a boat trip in the Netherlands. Taking a boat trip definitely helped the creativity. And moreover, handing out awards can also be done on a boat, so mission succeeded! I would like to congratulate: Uniwan with their “Integration of the Year” award, Ulink with their “Lead Generator of the Year” award and Campai with their “Partner of the Year” award.
  • Planning a brainstorm session with your department? Go visit an amusement park and get on board of the rollercoaster. We did the same during the Zarafa Tour in Germany and I have to add: it was one of the best decisions of the day. Action photo:

Webinar coming up!

Did you miss the Zarafa Tour and you’re curious about the new releases? In that case, don’t miss the next event again. And this time you don’t have to travel. We have summarized the software release info and will inform you in a 1-hour webinar. And every great webinar has its demo’s (we all love those), so we will take care of this as well with WebApp 1.4.




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