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Zarafa Archiver

Email has quickly evolved into one of, if not the, most important communication and business tool used by organizations all over the world. But the growth in email use has also created a host of storage issues. Email archiving has proved to be the way forward for businesses to deal with the challenge of storing the ever-increasing number of emails. The Zarafa Archiver, the newest product in the Zarafa ecosystem, addresses this evolving need.

Zarafa Archiver: Performance & Usability

Performance and usability: these are at the heart of the Zarafa Archiver. Organizations can open up new ways to improve their performance without increasing costs, using the basic features of the archive solution.

Zarafa Archiver minimizes mail store sizes by moving old messages to slower -- and therefore cheaper -- storage. This means that these older messages can be removed completely from the more expensive primary storage servers --  increasing their performance. By switching to a high-performance primary server running on SSDs, and using a low cost NAS server for archiving older messages, the organization can optimize e-mail usage on a daily basis. Optionally, a stub to the archive can be created, to allow the user to view the archived email and to open it as if it were a normal message. When a stubbed message is opened, the body and attachments are retrieved from the archive server on the fly.

Alternatively, the archive can be opened as a shared store in Outlook or the WebAccess, to display all the archived messages. Zarafa Archiver archives all email messages based on their delivery time.


Screenshot: stubbing in Outlook client   Screenshot: Connections made during mail retrieval



The Zarafa Archiver provides a Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) solution for the Zarafa Collaboration Platform, offering the following features and advantages:

• Improved messaging server performance
• Seamless end user experience through stubbing
• Decreased use of expensive storage tiers for long-term archiving
• Faster recovery from downtime incidents
• Flexible PST migration

See how the Zarafa Archiver is integrated with the Zarafa Collaboration Platform in the architecture view.



The Zarafa Archiver is available for the professional and enterprise edition. Pricing starts at €17,50 per user. This subscription fee includes access to all updates and upgrades of the software and a number of support blocks.


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Find more information and the complete feature list in the Zarafa Archiver brochure.


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