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25 November 2014

Zarafa Administrator Training (German)
Location: Munich
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09:00-17:00 (CEST)

Zielgruppe: Technische Mitarbeiter bei Zarafa Partnern, Zarafa Server Administratoren.


  • Installation und Upgrade einer Zarafa Installation
  • Installation und RollOut des Zarafa Windows Client
  • Konfiguration der Zarafa Collaboration Plattform
  • Installation und Maintainance Z-Push
  • Zarafa MTA Integration
  • Administration einer Zarafa Installation
  • Konfiguration und Benutzung der Zarafa Backup Tools
  • Datenmigration

Price: 299 euro

26 November 2014

Zarafa Engineer Training (German)
Location: Munich
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09:00-17:00 (CEST)

Zielgruppe: Technische Mitarbeiter bei Zarafa Partnern, Zarafa Server Administratoren



  • Zarafa Architektur
  • Datenbank Layout von Zarafa
  • Konfiguriation der Zarafa LDAP Integration
  • Installation einer Multi-Tenancy Umgebung
  • Performance Tuning und Debugging von Performance Problemen
  • Installation einer Multi Server Umgebung
  • Konfiguration Single Sign On für Outlook und den Zarafa WebAccess
  • Analyse der Zarafa Logfiles
  • Zarafa Auditing System
  • Zarafa Archiver
  • Examen (Zertifikat Zertifizierter Zarafa Engineer wird nur in Verbindung mit einem LPIC-1oder RHCSA Zertifikat verliehen) 

Bitte beachten Sie, dass für die Teilnahme KEINE LPIC oder RedHat Zertifizierung erforderlich ist !

Price: 299 euro

27 November 2014

Online Zarafa Engineer Training
Location: Online
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11:00-19:00 (CEST)

Target group: Engineers, administrators and developers from (potential) Zarafa partners and customers.

Many topics are covered, including, but not limited to:

  • Zarafa Architecture
  • Database layout
  • Zarafa LDAP Integration
  • Multi-Tenancy Setup
  • Performance Tuning and debugging
  • Multi Server Setup
  • Single Sign On
  • Analyse of logfiles
  • Zarafa Auditing System
  • Zarafa Archiver
  • Examination

Note: It is not necessary to have a LPIC or RHCSA certification when you would like to participate in the training.

Price: € 249,00

10 December 2014

How to extend your traditional email tools (incl. WebApp 2.0 demo)
Location: Online (webinar)
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14:00 (Amsterdam time)

This is a webinar. You will receive an invitation after your registration.

We see teams struggling with different collaboration tools for meetings, document sharing and instant communication. Nowadays, it is really to start using a new tool. In most case, you only need to enter your credit card details and you are good to go.

This could be a good strategy for you. However, the side effects should not be ignored. For example, information tends to get stuck in one tool. Or colleagues spend lots of time searching for that one document (“it was here, right?”). Does this sounds familiar to you?

It is surely one of those things that most of our customers can relate to. At Zarafa, we wanted to do something about that. How? That’s what we are going to explain in this webinar:

  • How are companies organizing their collaboration right now?
  • What’s the user’s pains?
  • How can we bring our tools closer to the user?
  • How do we influence users to really use the tools?
  • For (potential) Zarafa customers: how can WebApp 2.0 make a difference here?

We are eager to answer all your questions from technical to business wise. We don't want to run into time issues, so the number of participants will be limitied. Claiim your spot now before they run out.


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